Thursday, February 21, 2008

Truly Lost Episodes

I was digging through files on my old computer because I was looking for something I could've sworn I had animated and never finished. The specific thing I was looking for, which was something about Weas and a stolen item, was not found, but I DID find a ton of Flash files for Geoweasel episodes that contained only title cards followed by credits (save for one). Here are the said title cards, and the dates of each (according to when I finished writing the script for each):

(November 5, 2006)

(November 27, 2006)

(December 5, 2006)

The only one that featured any animation was the last one, and only one line was animated, and it was just a static image with a mouth-loop, to boot:

Interestingly, the music used for the title cards is the original version of Decompress Criminology. I had planned to use that for the credits sequence for every episode following An Apple A Day, completely forgetting that these three episodes existed...kind of. Not only that, but all of these episodes had scripts, Naragara Falls had a few voices recorded, and Game Over was recorded in full. There are also other episodes that I wrote and recorded, such as Lemonade Standoff, Dimension Of The 13th Floor, an episode for the 5-year anniversary, and the Valentine special. Add on the other incomplete cartoons, Monster Rock and Easter Egg Stunt, and we have a total of 9 episodes that could have been made over the past year and a half (or so). I don't know if I'll ever return to any of these. It's possible, cuz I'm lazy, and if the voices don't sound too off, I can still use everything. But for now, these cartoons are victims of poor work ethic.

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teal said...

I came up with Naragara Falls! Yay! No one cares!

I might still use that concept for something if you don't ever animate that