Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Am I going crazy here?

The image on the left is the logo for a product that we sell where I work. It’s an image I’ve been seeing for at least 10 years. Just yesterday, I happened to see it upside down on a cardboard box in the warehouse and I totally saw Nar. It freaked me out. Does anyone else see it, or have I finally lost it?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ow, my everything!

I'm just kinda popping in to say I've been (and still am) out of commission for the past few days. I've just been pretty sick. Probably from running to so many different doctors in one week; I knew I was bound to catch something in one of those waiting rooms. It wouldn't be as bad, though, if being sick in pretty much any form didn't just ignite a series of panic attacks. So I haven't really drawn or done anything noteworthy in a while, both on or off the computer. I really want to get some stuff done but there's nothing I can do at this point.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I will no longer be using Flash

...because every animation I ever do will now be done with GoAnimate! Now I can make a Geoweasel cartoon every day! The characters might look different, and they won't actually talk, and I won't be drawing any of it,but it's totally cool! Check it out!

You can take the alien that you didn't even have to draw and actully put him behind the desk! BEHIND IT! Holy shit! Think of all the time, money, and dignity I could've saved!

Give me a break, MacFarlane

The first Scotsman one wasn’t funny nor was it fun to watch, and it was only released two weeks ago. Then we got some ducks doing the same thing last week. Now, we’re back to the Scotsman. This may as well be called “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Characters Sitting on Couches Watching TV and Talking About It.” Your stuff used to be hilarious, Seth. You didn’t need the aid of pop-culture references and limited animation to be funny. You’d know that if you were using your brain, but you’re not

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is really bad...

Okay, so tomorrow I have to fast for another kidney x-ray, so I basically can't eat until I get the IVP (whatever that even is) Tuesday morning. I had to do the same thing when I had my colonoscopy, but I was starting to feel really sick by the end of it, and that was a shorter period of time. What I don't understand is this: a couple weeks ago, I went for an ultrasound and regular x-rays for my kidneys as my doctor ordered. When we got the x-rays, he said they weren't detailed enough, so he ordered this IVP with an injection of contrast to see better. My question is this: why not suggest that in the first place and save us all some God damn time and money!? I will never understand the medical field. As if that wasn't enough, this x-ray will be the last thing my current insurance ever covers. So even the follow up visit to the doctor to find out the results for this will not be covered. I just pray they don't find anything. Not because I'm worried about my health, but because I'm worried about the financial situation because if there IS something, I'll have to go through many more tests, visits, medicines, etc. That's pretty bad that a person should have to put money before his health. Plus, I still have to go for more eye consolations and eventually, sometime in this next decade hopefully, get actual surgery on my eyes. Then there's my screwed up sideways wisdom teeth, gotta get those out. Not to mention I'm still on several prescriptions for depression and anxiety. Also, my looks like we're all gonna end up going separate ways. It's heartbreaking. I'm stuck in the middle, but I know for damn sure that if I didn't have all these medical problems, my family would not have gone into this state in the first place. It's really frightening, especially because I actually find myself wondering..."am I going to die?"

All I ever wanted to do was make cartoons.
I don't know where I went wrong.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chicks Dig Cartoonists: The Shirt!

Okay that's not a really good shot of it; I'll get a better one later. But yes, this shirt, along with other versions of it with the other Geoweasel characters, will be available soon, along with several all new designs in the Geoweasel online store! It's a good thing I got this for myself ahead of time because some things definitely need to be fixed. The "" above Nar has such thick outlining that it can barely be made out. On the other hand, Nar's drawing needs thicker outlines. It looks okay up close, but from far away, most people would be kinda confused as to what that's supposed to be. But stuff is coming, I swear on it! And I'm not just talking merchandise!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Yeah, Geoweasel

In May 2005, not long after Geoweasel had become a regular series on the web (the "regular" part wouldn't last for long), a friend of mine showed me a press release about Oh Yeah! Cartoons season 4 (now "Random Cartoons") coming and that they were looking for pitches. I wanted any part of that action I could possibly have. Immediately, I started thinking about a way to transform the Geoweasel internet formula into something suitable for TV (and of course, something the people at Frederator would like). I kept the ideas to myself for a while, aside from the pictured teaser image with Nar; I posted that on the series' forum with nothing else, letting people just kinda ponder it, I guess. By early June, when I had a decent amount of stuff going to pitch, I released this blog post. (Unfortunately, the link to the storyboard scan is now defunct, which sucks, because I've been looking all over for the ones I drew up. They have to exist somewhere.) Not long after that, things started going downhill in general, so I never finished the pitch board; I figured it wasn't that great anyway and certainly wouldn't impress anyone. There was just nothing really different or outstanding about it. Looking back and just reading that post, it's just as well. I know a lot more now than I did back then, and I still don't know all I need to. I was in way over my head. Not to mention, I was 15 at the time. I can't even make it to New York now, so even if I did finish the pitch, it's likely I would never have gotten the chance to present it. It's definitely better than what I wanted to send to them in 1998, though!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Never finished: Nar Up Close and Personal

I am the king of unfinished cartoons. This was an animation I started not long after I first got my tablet in May 2005, which is pretty evident when you watch this. The whole thing was unscripted and supposed to be like...improv between the characters, which is hard since I voice all of them. The only stuff that got finished was Nar's opening (with an odd lip sync) and a short intro, followed by some non-animated dialog between Nar and Weas. Click here to see it.