Friday, June 27, 2008

I got stuck in an elevator!

You know, one of my recurring nightmares is getting stuck in an elevator. Not sure why, because I've never actually had the experience. Maybe I've just seen it on TV a lot. But yesterday, while in New York, I did in fact get stuck in an elevator. However, there were a couple variables in the situation that allowed me to keep my composure. For one, it was a glass elevator, so at least we could see outside of it (I don't know what's comforting about that, really). Secondly, it wasn't that long. But in true New York chivalry, not only did we ring the bell and not receive help, but people who wanted to get on just stared at us. And when it didn't open...well, they figured it wasn't they're problem so they took the stairs. Eventually we got fed up and my dad and I literally pried the doors open. But in a whirlwind of irony, guess where I was when this happened? The Nintendo World store.
I gotta say, the store was pretty cool, but it was actually a little disappointing. I guess because there was only or two things there that I didn't already have as far as like...shirts, figurines and plushies go. I was also hoping there'd be like...some kind of mini statue or...something that I could take a picture with, but no such thing. They did have some awesome stuff on display, like some of Nintendo's old cards from their pre-video game days, an old Famicom, the Gameboy that was...melted in the Gulf War and still works, and a bunch of stuff signed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself, including a really cool drawing (presumably for Nintendogs when that launched) of Mario half asleep in a doghouse. I would kill for an original drawing of Mario from Mr. Miyamoto. You have no idea.
But despite my unhealthy obsession for Nintendo and Mario, the highlight of my trip was of course the Meth Minute screening at NYU. A lot of people recognized me, surprisingly. I thought only Dan would, if anybody. But I was one of the first ones to show up (I was more than half an hour early, haha), so Dan greeted me immediately, along with other Frederator regulars such as Jeaux Janovsky, Avi Tuchman, and many others. So I sat with them in the second row during the show, and it was great to not only see the MM39 cartoons on a big screen, but also get a lot of inside information from Fred Seibert, Dan Meth, and Carrie Miller (who unfortunately was losing her voice). There were also two Nite Fite episodes shown, but as per request, we're not allowed to say anything regarding the actual content of the episodes because of the sponsorship. But man, they were awesome. I mean, the whole room was just in uproarious laughter throughout both of them. Afterwards, I talked to several other people who had worked on the show for a bit, including Fred and Dan. It was awesome to meet them in person, and they both said something along the lines about me going to visit them in the studio some time.
I could go on and on about the event, but I already seem to have written a novella here, so I'll let it go. Time to get back to my own works.
And by the way, if anybody has been trying to access the site for...whatever reason, ToonZone's upgrading their servers. You're not missing anything in my area. Trust me.

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