Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Jersey hates cartoons

Earlier this week I spent 5 hours traveling across South Jersey to check out comic shops and found nothing that was even decent. Today I went across the river to Brave New Worlds in Philly and found exactly what I was looking for and more within 30 seconds of being in the store. I’ve been to BNW and made purchases there quite a few times just within the past year (not even a year, really) and the only reason I don’t go that often is because it’s over in Philly. Even though I only live about 15 minutes outside of the city, it’s kind of a hassle going across the bridge, getting through the crowded, narrow city streets and trying to find a good place to park just to go to one comic store, but it’s worth it. So today I got the first volume of Mega Man Megamix finally, and I had a little bit of extra money so I also got one of James Kochalka’s Super F*ckers. There were also a bunch of comic pages and little prints in the lobby by Box Brown, and I found a couple of his comics in their indie/local comics section (another thing that was noticeably absent from all the other stores) which I would have bought if I had enough money. I also asked the guy working there a little about the procedures of selling self-published comics to the store because that is something I would like to do at some point. In fact, I want to have a mini comic done hopefully in time for the MoCCA festival next month, or by the time TCAF rolls around at the latest. But that’s another story.

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