Friday, April 4, 2008

Not completely dead

You still won't be seeing much of me for a while, but I figured I'd come on and...say something at least. As usual, I'm gonna have to put Geoweasel aside for a bit to accommodate a couple other projects that I have to do this month. The first needs to be completed within a week or two, and it's actually a music commission. I have to do a few songs around 2 - 3 minutes each, so I'll probably begin to tackle that this weekend. The other little project is a short 30-second animation for a contest. I was going to enter it regardless, but the person heading the contest actually contacted me and asked if I would take part, so that kinda gives me some more incentive to do it.
So yeah. I'm just popping in to show that I'm alive. For now, at least.

Don't take that last statement too seriously.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Keep doin what you doin, Niko Anesti. Don't die yet, there are too many cartoons you haven't made. Just don't make them too quick or you'll explode