Thursday, May 8, 2008

It pays to play

So, the music commission I have been talking about for some time now finally shows its face, and it is actually one of the staples in this week's Meth Minute 39 cartoon! Dan contacted me a while back when the idea was first brought up after hearing some samples of my 8-bit songs. Since he had several different ideas in the beginning of how the episode was going to pan out, he and I went back and forth via phone and email just throwing ideas out there. Ben Ross did a great job with the 8-bit animation to go along with the music and it came out looking pretty sweet. I kinda wish those were actual games; some of them look pretty fun, heheh. So watch the episode here, and be sure to watch next week for Meth Minute animations from myself and other animators over at Channel Frederator!

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