Monday, May 26, 2008

Weasel wardrobe

I've been thinking too much (and too hard) lately. At one point yesterday, I had thought of maybe changing Weas' hoodie to just a hat with ears on it, to look less Mario-like. It was bugging me, so I ended up drawing this late last night to see what it might look like. A change like this may not be made at this point...but I am considering it. No matter what though, people are always going to see the obvious parallels to Mario in Geoweasel, so it doesn't really make much of a difference. I mean...everyone thinks Nar is supposed to be one of the Mario brothers anyway. Not that I can't see why.


Geoflcl said...

Well, if you must, I think the one on the left is better. I've grown attached to his hoodie, though. Even if he does look like Mario at first sight, Weas' personality is enough to distinguish the two. Alot.

Tyler C. Hendrix said...

The beanie looks a bit odd on him. I'd have to agree with the above person with the attachment thing. Maybe try a bunch of different hat designs? That sounds about as specific as saying "To play a flute, you blow here and move your fingers up and down here," but yeah. I think it's mostly just a bit odd to see his hair. Maybe one of those square-ish hats that have the earflaps and such? Or maybe go in the complete opposite direction and show most of the hair with a visor or something. I AM NO HELP WHATSOEVER.

Kevin said...

If you do decide to replace the hoodie, I think it'd look best if you could still see the hood on the back of his shirt and just not have him put it on his head. And I know this kinda defeats the purpose of replacing the hood, but I think the beanie would look better if it went over his ears (maybe with hair still sticking out, though).

I'm glad his hat still has weasel ears, though. *sighs with relief and wipes away beads of sweat*