Sunday, December 28, 2008

Geoweasel channels on Youtube and Vimeo

I've put the first twelve Geoweasel episodes (The Dark Storm to Digital Infection) on their own channels on both Youtube and Vimeo. Originally, one of the reasons I was going to do this was to clear out space on the site by not actually having each Flash file on its own separate page and instead making them more accessible through these services. However, because I have still not found a way to convert files from Flash to standard video format, some of the results are less than desired. The only filetypes I can convert to without the video getting completely messed up or going out of sync are MS wmv avi and MS mpeg avi. The quality of the raw files is fine, and it's evident on Vimeo, but the videos do look grainy and JPEG-y on Youtube. The one thing that bothers me immensely thought is the loss of some frames, causing many animations to look weird or jumpy.
Maybe someday I'll actually get a Mac and be able to just publish the SWF directly as a .mov or .mpeg or whatever. But for now, I can't say I'll actually be using these services as a replacement, but rather just for promotion. I have to say though, I'm utterly terrible with promotion/distribution. Or I just have really bad luck with it, I don't know. Every time I've submitted a cartoon of mine to any type of community like these, or even animation-specific sites like Newgrounds, Aniboom, MyToons, etc., they never really get noticed or acknowledged. I tag them for searching, post them on forums and blogs, send them to people directly...all that kind of stuff, but not a whole lot happens. I get a few comments and some views in the first day or so and then never see anything come of it afterward and in the meantime, I watch other videos rise and get promoted even though we started off with an equal chance. I'm not expecting anything to come of any old episodes that I'm uploading; my mind's just kind of wandering.
Anyways, here are the pages so you can subscribe, add, embed, or whatever you'd like to do with them:

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. The Youtube videos are certainly less-than-stellar compared to Vimeo. I hate Youtube.
There must be a decent converter somewhere for dorky ol' Microsoft.