Thursday, January 22, 2009

Geoweasel's next top models

Originally, I wasn't going to reuse models for the new Geoweasel episodes, which is what I've been doing since "Okay, Do Overs." But I mulled it over for a long time and eventually decided on drawing up some new ones. They won't be used as extensively as they were in the past, but it will help speed things a lot, even if only a little. But take a look at the past models versus the new ones. My, how they've grown! Literally!


Paul Kowalewski said...

The middle ones are still my favorite, but you know that already. Their proportions are just better than the new ones, in my opinion. I do like that you actually gave Nar some meat on his bones now.

James said...

I like the new designs. Much less stiff, and more cartoonish.