Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sound issues and new stuff on the way

Because I haven't been beating myself up enough over various audio issues in my cartoons, I decided to look into the actual quality of the audio itself in the past couple episodes. Now, on my computer, everything sounds fine, but a few people have commented that the audio sounded weird. Well, I've been working on this cartoon with a voice track that I didn't record that was originally sent to me in WAV format and I converted it to MP3 to save space, which is what I normally do. Today, I was using headphones and when I played the cartoon with the MP3 sound file, it sounded weird, like the characters were underwater. I went back to the WAV and it sounded fine. So I checked on the files for Overreaction and sure enough, the MP3 files sounded gargly, but the original raw audio sounded normal. I was totally oblivious to this before, but I guess now I know to just keep everything as WAVs. I would go back and fix the Geoweasel episodes that sound like this, but I only save the raw audio as a WAV, and when I edit them, I save them as MP3s, so I would have to go and splice all the audio together perfectly again.
Also, someone asked why the Having A Wonderful Time music video wasn't on Youtube and the answer is simply because of the song. Even if I do upload it, Youtube will reject it. So I may upload it and see if I can find an alternate public domain track that will suit it well. Maybe I'll edit it for HD too.
And finally, the non-Geoweasel cartoon I'm working on is almost done; I'll probably finish it today. Since it's not for my site though, I don't have jurisdiction over when it goes live, so it won't be tomorrow's update. It might be up on Sunday the earliest, but if it takes longer to go up, I'll try and do a little comic to make up for it.

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