Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts on voice acting

After I finished "Overreaction," I sent it into Cold Hard Flash and a couple days ago, I got a response from Aaron Simpson saying the following:

"i really dig your writing and your unique character style. i'll throw out some crit, if you're down for it. i think the voice acting takes this from a 9.5 to a 6. your jokes are tight, animation smooth, but i'd recommend reaching out to some folks who will do some voice action virtually.... like sending you MP3s over the web. anyway, i'll get off my high horse now. thanks for passing the link - i hope you'll continue to do so down the line...."

Now I'm not upset about that in any way, not at all. In fact, I really appreciate the critique because it's not something that I get that often in comments, and rarely does anyone say anything about the voice acting in Geoweasel at all. But as I always do, I started thinking about it. Probably too much.
When I first started making animations in 2004, my intent for Geoweasel was to be something short and easy to do that I could release each week, so I decided on doing all the voices myself because I wouldn't have to wait for other people to get back to me and I wouldn't have to bother trying to direct someone back and forth via email since I knew how I wanted everything to sound in my head. But even early on, voice acting was one of my least favorite parts of making the cartoons.
I would take Arron's advice in getting other voice actors on the web to do the voices on the show, but I just feel that now after it's been around for so long, it would be too weird and confusing to just up and change all the characters' voices. In future non-Geoweasel projects, I can safely say that I will not be doing many voices, if any, but I just think it's too late for Geoweasel itself.
So I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks, since it's not something that I hear about too often. Do you think there are problems with the voice acting? And if so, what about it bothers you? Or do you think using different actors would be too weird? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.


Katie Hampton said...

You'd need to find voices that have the same essence that the characters have now, voice actors change a lot in cartoons.
I mean, look at Homer Simpson.

I'd love to here some dynamic new voices for Geoweasel!
Not that it necessarily bothered me before, but watching, I can definitely tell it's just one guy with a microphone. You can't drastically change your voice as well as like Seth Macfarlane.
I think you should still voice act for at least one character.

ben said...

niko. the voice acting on geoweasel is on of the best parts! never ever change it.

Azure said...

The acting isn't that bad, the one distinct voice style was used by a lot of old British cartoons.
One thing that does bring it down is audio quality, some of it sounds a bit distant and mic puffs/pops shouldn't really ever make it in.
Especially watch your plosive ( P sounds).
Working work voice actors have it's own rewards but as the creator you have to be happy.