Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'd rather be in San Diego, but this'll do

So tomorrow I head down to Outer Banks, NC for about a week with family. And every year before I go on a vacation, I always end up writing blog posts saying that I'm gonna try and get a cartoon done before I have to leave and then never do. And this year really isn't any different. I don't have any cartoons for you guys, and I won't really have time to work on any over vacation, so it'll be a while before the next Geoweasel. But at least this year I have a webcomic! That's easier and quicker to work on, and since it's autobiographical, I'll have plenty material for it while on vacation I'm sure. The only problem is that the house we're staying in doesn't have wi-fi, so I might have to bum it off someone who has one of those card things for laptops, or or something. Depending on the situation, I want to try and update the comic daily, or almost every day that I'm there. Remember, you can check it out at I wouldn't really bother checking my Twitter or anything for updates of my travels though; I don't have any kind of iPhone or portable device capable of getting internet (my phone doesn't even have text messaging) so I can't tell you what rest stop I'm at on the way down. Sorry. I know you guys want to know that kind of stuff.

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