Sunday, August 16, 2009

So basically I'm fucked

I'll try to make this quick and concise.
I got a computer virus but I was able to remove it manually. Even with the virus "gone," my computer was still acting up, shutting itself down at random intervals and then eventually I got another virus that I really could do nothing about because it wouldn't let me access any programs or even get into files. So I took it in to get repaired, that took a couple days. I got it back, and found that only a small amount of files were saved. Luckily, the people I go to keep everything backed up on an external drive for 24 hours in case something like that happens, so I went back the following day to see if I could get everything else off the drive. I couldn't. Most of the files did not make it back onto my computer because they were damaged, and of course, the ones that were damaged were some of the most important ones. A lot of what was saved was music and pictures.
I am now missing the vast majority of all my animations in three different forms: The FLA files (which are most important because those are the actual editable files for the cartoons in case I need to change anything to export at a later date), the original exported SWF files, and the video files (used for uploading to Youtube and eventually they were going to be used for the DVD). Also missing are all the files for my website (images and HTML, but I can actually redownload them from the server), all of my comics (including an unfinished Geoweasel one that was eventually going to be on the site), many sound files including not-yet-used voice recordings for cartoons, sound effects, and stock music, my custom font (which I thought I could just go and redo, but I got it for free a while back and now they charge you ten bucks for it), and probably some more stuff that I haven't even gotten to yet. Because they had to completely wipe it and reinstall Windows, all of my programs were gone too, but I was able to reinstall those easier than I had expected. For a while, I could only find my disc for Flash 4, and can't do shit in that version. Has anyone ever used that one? I mean if you've used 5, you've essentially used all the subsequent versions of the program, save for a few things, and vice versa. But either way, I got Flash 8 back, so that little freakout never happened.
I'm not really sure what I'm going to do at this point, though there's really not much that I can do as far as stuff from the past goes. I guess I just gotta move forward and hope what I lost doesn't bite me in the ass later on.

That wasn't quick and concise at all.

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Caldwell Tanner said...

Sorry to hear that, dude. I hope you can forge ahead, let me know if I can help.