Friday, October 16, 2009

Another unfinished one

Here's the second (and probably last) Unfinished Episode Theater. It's a Halloween episode from 2006. I had it online briefly for some reason, so a few hardcore viewers may have already seen this. But please guys, I can't stress this enough. Since these videos are now on Youtube, you have no idea how helpful it would be to me for you guys to share the video with friends or post it on your blogs or something; anything you find fit. There is only so much I can do in the way of self promotion (without having to pay, and I can't, so it's not an option). Online video relies mostly on you guys, my friends and fans. Rating and commenting are always good, and I always like to hear feedback, but introduce some of your friends to the series. Post episodes or links on your Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace, or if you have a casual blog, maybe like a Tumblr or something, post it there too. My current goal is to have Geoweasel become a Youtube Partner series. But it's weird. Becoming a Partner helps spread your videos and gets more people to see your stuff, but you have to gain some type of popularity before you can even be a partner. And I just don't understand Youtube and how somethings can skyrocket in popularity on its own. I'm not even aiming for that. I just want to build a bigger audience, which would motivate me to make more cartoons. But I'm never going to be a Partner if most of my videos have less than 500 views. So please, if you want to see Geoweasel keep going, lend me a hand and spread the love.

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