Monday, November 23, 2009

What a surprise, my computer's dead

Well, just a heads up, my laptop has completely died. It's not a virus thing where I have to wait a few days for it to be fixed, have them reinstall everything and then find out what I'm missing. It's completely dead, and it actually happened not long after my last post here. So the Thanksgiving cartoon I talked about earlier is definitely a no (not that it had much chance of being done anyway), and even if I had gotten ready to do commissions, I wouldn't be able to do them now. I don't know what I'm going to lose as a result of this. Possibly everything except for all the Geoweasel FLA files I have backed up across two thumb drives. I don't know when I'll get it fixed; it may take a while because money is very tight. And to the one person out there who always says "Just get a Mac," I would love to. Really I would. But that is just completely out of reach at this point. So I'm not going to be on a lot since I'm using another computer. I check Tumblr, Facebook, and Twiitter maybe once or twice a day, but that'll be it for a while.

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