Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have awesome friends

Seriously, a major thanks to everyone who's been helping me get settled with my new Mac! You guys already saved me $70 at least on buying a new tablet and have helped me with little things here and there that I'm not yet familiar with.
The only main things at this point are getting back Flash and Photoshop. Or even just Flash, that's the most important thing. Unfortunately I thought I would be able to just re-download the Mac version of the Flash 8 trial and input the serial number that I have, but the only Flash available anymore is CS4, which some have said good about and others not so much. I currently have a trial of that on here, but if someone could maybe hook me up with Flash 8 (or CS3 since I've heard it's similar) or a serial for CS4, or any version of Photoshop, I will be eternally grateful. Seriously. Unfortunately, I can't even afford to upgrade what I already have, much less actually re-purchase the actual program.
But again, thank you guys so much for your help so far! I'm very excited about all this and you've already helped relieve a great deal of stress!

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