Wednesday, September 24, 2008

_____ Dig Cartoonists?

I just want some input here. I planned on having at least one “Chicks Dig Cartoonists” shirt for sale in the Geoweasel store (whenever that becomes available), but when I was thinking about doing more types of shirts, including shirts for women, I was wondering if I should make other variations of the phrase. It’s not like a girl can’t wear one that says “Chicks Dig Cartoonists,” it would just imply that they are the girl that the phrase refers to. But then I thought if I should make 3 different ones: “Chicks Dig Cartoonists,” “Guys Dig Cartoonists,” and “I Dig Cartoonists.” I have no problem making different ones aside from the fact that I can only make ONE of each type of shirt. So there can only be one ringer T-shirt, or one dark, or one women’s, etc. and I don’t know which phrase should go on what, or if I should just keep the same phrase that I’ve been using this whole time


Logan said...

Dude, chicks DO dig cartoonists. 'Nuff said. Maybe guys like 'em, maybe I like 'em, but chicks totally love em'. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Just make more than one store.