Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Yeah, Geoweasel

In May 2005, not long after Geoweasel had become a regular series on the web (the "regular" part wouldn't last for long), a friend of mine showed me a press release about Oh Yeah! Cartoons season 4 (now "Random Cartoons") coming and that they were looking for pitches. I wanted any part of that action I could possibly have. Immediately, I started thinking about a way to transform the Geoweasel internet formula into something suitable for TV (and of course, something the people at Frederator would like). I kept the ideas to myself for a while, aside from the pictured teaser image with Nar; I posted that on the series' forum with nothing else, letting people just kinda ponder it, I guess. By early June, when I had a decent amount of stuff going to pitch, I released this blog post. (Unfortunately, the link to the storyboard scan is now defunct, which sucks, because I've been looking all over for the ones I drew up. They have to exist somewhere.) Not long after that, things started going downhill in general, so I never finished the pitch board; I figured it wasn't that great anyway and certainly wouldn't impress anyone. There was just nothing really different or outstanding about it. Looking back and just reading that post, it's just as well. I know a lot more now than I did back then, and I still don't know all I need to. I was in way over my head. Not to mention, I was 15 at the time. I can't even make it to New York now, so even if I did finish the pitch, it's likely I would never have gotten the chance to present it. It's definitely better than what I wanted to send to them in 1998, though!

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