Thursday, October 9, 2008

I will no longer be using Flash

...because every animation I ever do will now be done with GoAnimate! Now I can make a Geoweasel cartoon every day! The characters might look different, and they won't actually talk, and I won't be drawing any of it,but it's totally cool! Check it out!

You can take the alien that you didn't even have to draw and actully put him behind the desk! BEHIND IT! Holy shit! Think of all the time, money, and dignity I could've saved!



Hey Niko, I love GEOweasel and I think I always will but in all fairness your cartoons are sort of similar to seth's!
Your cartoons are mainly based on dialog like he's and sometimes/most of the time your cartoons are just standing there talking aswell.
Even though your character's do move around more than seths they are pretty close!
Please don't take it personally coz i'm a huge fan and would hate it if you hated me :D

Niko Anesti said...

There's a major difference here though. Seth MacFarlane has an entire team of writers, storyboard artists, animators, musicians, etc., and most importantly, a BUDGET, even on these short cartoons for the internet. I don't have any of that, I'm just one person. I could understand if these little shorts were made by Seth himself or even a small group of people, but there's no reason they can't be doing just a little bit more to make these interesting.


yeah I suppose your right there, I probably should of thought that through before I typed it......oh well :D