Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is really bad...

Okay, so tomorrow I have to fast for another kidney x-ray, so I basically can't eat until I get the IVP (whatever that even is) Tuesday morning. I had to do the same thing when I had my colonoscopy, but I was starting to feel really sick by the end of it, and that was a shorter period of time. What I don't understand is this: a couple weeks ago, I went for an ultrasound and regular x-rays for my kidneys as my doctor ordered. When we got the x-rays, he said they weren't detailed enough, so he ordered this IVP with an injection of contrast to see better. My question is this: why not suggest that in the first place and save us all some God damn time and money!? I will never understand the medical field. As if that wasn't enough, this x-ray will be the last thing my current insurance ever covers. So even the follow up visit to the doctor to find out the results for this will not be covered. I just pray they don't find anything. Not because I'm worried about my health, but because I'm worried about the financial situation because if there IS something, I'll have to go through many more tests, visits, medicines, etc. That's pretty bad that a person should have to put money before his health. Plus, I still have to go for more eye consolations and eventually, sometime in this next decade hopefully, get actual surgery on my eyes. Then there's my screwed up sideways wisdom teeth, gotta get those out. Not to mention I'm still on several prescriptions for depression and anxiety. Also, my looks like we're all gonna end up going separate ways. It's heartbreaking. I'm stuck in the middle, but I know for damn sure that if I didn't have all these medical problems, my family would not have gone into this state in the first place. It's really frightening, especially because I actually find myself wondering..."am I going to die?"

All I ever wanted to do was make cartoons.
I don't know where I went wrong.

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