Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Ridin' a Keytar" wallpapers

Here is a low-resolution version of the design for the postcards I had printed for SPX, but I also made a few different-sized wallpapers if anybody wants to use it.


If you’re like me, though, none of those sizes will work well for your desktop no matter if you center, tile, or stretch it. So if you want to use this and none of these look any good, let me know your screen resolution and I’ll make one for you.


Crappy Blue Luigi said...

This is pretty awesome. It kinda sums up Geoweasel in a single image, sort of.

Would it be possible to make this in 1280x800?

Niko Anesti said...

Yes it would!

Crappy Blue Luigi said...

Sorry for the late response, but thanks! This'll make a great wallpaper, compared to the Windows XP wallpaper.