Saturday, July 26, 2008

Evening Argument

I daydream a lot, mostly about my cartoons, and I’m surprised that I didn’t imagine this scenario until Nite Fite premiered as a series. I would be elated to actually see something like this pan out, for several reasons. For one, doing the improv with Dan and Mark would be an awesome (and probably hilarious) experience, and two, seeing one of my characters in a show animated by pros would just simply be amazing as opposed to seeing them animated by…well, me. Plus I’ve always liked crossovers like this; like Nite Fite would be a show that other cartoon characters would watch. But yeah, I just drew this to see how it might look.

Nite Fite, Penalty and Lloyd © Dan Meth and Frederator.

1 comment:

danmeth said...

Niko, That is AWESOME. Fantastic interpretation of Penalty & Lloyd (and the whole Nite Fite look in general). Maybe Big Wease will get his shot in Season 2!