Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What are YOUR thoughts?

Regarding material for the new site again, I'm working on the About page and I'd like to have a little..."testimonials" section, if you will, with people's comments about Geoweasel (mostly from other animators, cartoonists, creators, etc.). So if you have just a few thoughts or a mini review about the Geoweasel cartoons in general, let me hear 'em, whether they're good or bad! You can post them here, or send them to my email: niko@cartoonsdammit.com.

Also, I went through three different computers today to gather up all the fanart I could find, and now they're all here in one Flickr album! There are a couple that I'm not 100% sure who did them, so I didn't put the name, but if it was you, or you know who it was, tell me. And don't forget to send in your own if you have any!


Jonathan said...

HAHAHA I can't believe you kept that head-biting swf. I made that, and that beauty up there in the post is mine too.

Niko Anesti said...

I THOUGHT it was you, but I didn't put the name on just in case. The other one that I don't have marked...I can't remember who did that for the life of me.