Sunday, August 3, 2008

I wrote a letter to Capcom

I've never really sent an email/letter to any kind of company before, for a couple reasons. One, I'm too timid, and two, I know I'd never get a response. I mean, hell, I have sent messages to friends and never even got a response! But because I seem to be on a Mega Man binge and I've had this idea in my head, I decided to drop Capcom a line, whether or not I'll get any acknowledgment at all. So, for the sake of...well, for the sake of nothing really, here's the letter:

Hello! I first heard about the upcoming WiiWare game
Mega Man 9 about a month ago in Nintendo Power and
since then, I have been watching many different
trailers, gameplay videos, etc. and I am very excited
to not only see a new Mega Man title in the original
series, but an 8-bit game! I've been playing Mega Man
since I was very young (my first game was Mega Man 2
for GameBoy) and since then, I have played through
all the titles in the original series as well as many
in the X series. I still pop one of the old
cartridges into my NES pretty often, and even though
I have the games down pat, I still enjoy playing
them. So when I heard about Mega Man 9, I could not
stop thinking about it. Now, I don't know who this
should really be directed to, and I don't even know
if this will warrant a response, but I'm hoping that
this message will send me in the right direction if
need be. I was thinking that it would be a great idea
for promoting Mega Man 9 if there were actual limited
edition Nintendo or Famicom carts of the game for
hardcore collectors like myself who still own the old
systems. Now of course, I don't know if this is even
possible, mainly because I don't know if the game is
just being made to look 8-bit but has advanced
programming that can't be done on an actual NES. If
it is possible, I think it would be a great thing to
have, maybe for a contest or something special; there
are many people who still own classic systems. To be
honest, I would by the game on WiiWare AND on a
cartridge, no matter the price! Just a suggestion.
Thanks for your time,
-Niko Anesti

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