Monday, August 4, 2008


I am really trying to scramble to get things done before I leave for vacation, which is Wednesday. I have to get everything done by tomorrow night. I've been set on having a new Geoweasel episode to launch the new site before I left, but I've been hitting roadblocks. I started making an episode that I thought would be simple enough to finish before I left, but it ended up being too long, so I'll save it for later. Then, I decided to do something even shorter and include live action stuff in it so it wouldn't have to ALL be animated, but then I started hitting some dead ends with the live stuff. I did, however, get it working. I am determined on finishing this cartoon in time, and if I have to work into the early hours of the morning before I leave, then so be it; I can sleep on the way there. Things are just so hectic though. Aside from the cartoon, I'm still waiting on a couple things for the site that I would like to have for the launch, but in the meantime, I still have to gather all my stuff, pack, and to boot, I have one more eye appointment later today. WHERE'S MY HAPPY PLACE!?

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GeoFLCL said...

Long episodes sounds good!

Live Action sounds good!