Friday, June 26, 2009

Bryan Lee O'Malley, what hast thou wrought?

A few weeks ago I finally bought Scott Pilgrim, and that was the last time I worked on Geoweasel in any real sense. Though, the site going down didn't help either, but it's mainly the fact that I'm suddenly bent on developing a couple different comics instead of animation. I need to get back to Geoweasel because at least I have something behind that. These comics I want to do...they're nothing. They're just doodles in my sketchbooks and stories in my imagination that will most likely never come to be. And yet I keep going with them. Truthfully, I want to do both animation and comics, but right now I can really only handle one. And I think it should be animation. But there's something about these independent comic artists like O'Malley and Jeffrey Brown that I find enthralling--like I want to be a part of that scene. I don't know. Maybe I just feel left out or something. I don't have any friends in animation or comics either. None that I can hang out with, I mean; I know 'em all through the internet. And in high school I never really did anything with friends too much because I didn't really share any of the same interests with them. I long to go to events and parties and just hang out with people. But I'm stuck here. And that's what Zane & Flick is about.

This post makes no sense.

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