Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ramona Flowers

I got about halfway through this drawing last night and just stopped. I'm not sure why, I was just getting a weird feeling about it, but I left the Flash file open in case I decided to go back to it and, obviously, I did. I need to start designing more characters that don't just wear like a plain shirt and pants, but actually have detail to them. And necks. They need necks. So this drawing kind of looks like a combination between my style, Bryan Lee O'Malley's, and Octopus Pie. I'll tell ya though, nothing has ever made me feel more inspired yet completely inadequate at the exact same time as Scott Pilgrim has. Go figure. But I need to stop dwelling on that and get back to working on my own stuff for now..

1 comment:

Dagan Moriarty said...

wow, LOVE this drawing Niko!