Sunday, June 21, 2009 is gone

Okay, so I've been going borderline insane for about a day now, because expired with no warning. Now, the actual site is, so everything is still backed up, but it would cost $170 just to get the .net name back. That's nuts, and while just paying it would be the quickest and easiest solution, I can't afford that. Luckily, Eileen Cruz from ToonZone has been helping me out with all this (and I really can't thank her enough!) and she secured the domain for Now while having will be great, not having presents me with several problems. One of the main ones is that the Geoweasel Youtube username is "geoweaseldotnet". Why isn't it just "geoweasel"? Because some ass took "geoweasel" back in 2007 and has never used the account. But either way, I can't change my Youtube username, and it'd be too much of a mess to start over on a new account, so now I'm stuck with a name that makes no sense. Oh, and I also just ordered a set of 48 fucking stickers that say "" on them.

Why did I order 48? Because these stickers only come in packs of 48. That's really practical. What the hell am I supposed to do with all these now? Not to mention I have to go around to all my other sites, change links, change my emails (because anything no longer works), change all the stuff in the store...I can't even comprehend this all. It's totally not even worth it. It really isn't. All this time, I probably would have made way more cartoons and had more fun doing them if I didn't have so much other stuff hanging over my head. Now I can't even relax. I just want to draw.

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